Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fun with Friends

Two weeks ago, the boys and I went over to my friend, Anna's house, for a playdate. I've known Anna since October when I joined my local MOPS group. She was at the table I was assigned to. Over the months I have really gotten to know her, and when I broke my ankle, she was instrumental in getting people to my house and helping out with meals. I couldn't have made it through that time without here. But I digress...

Little did we know when we planned to get together that there would be brush fires in the area right behind Anna's house on Thursday afternoon/night. There house was never in danger, but it meant that the boys had to play inside. Which was fine for them. Brian & Sean had a great time with Ephram & Connor. Even Colin joined in on the fun.We had lunch together - chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Even the mommies got to sit and chat for a bit. It's so nice to have friends here.

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Shaun & Anna said...

That was a fun day!! What are your plans next week? My hubby is gone Sunday night thru Thursday night.