Saturday, May 17, 2008


My SIL Terry thinks she's so good grabbing 6 jars of peanut butter at Publix. Top this, girl! I saved $30 in peanut butter yesterday!!I'm really working this Grocery Game. And in the back corner, you can see the remnants of the last peanut butter sale Publix had. Do you think my boys like peanut butter???


Terry said...

You are sick! I created a monster. Ok but think about this...if you use 1 tbsp per sandwich (that's being way too conservative) then you can make 70 sandwiches with one jar. For me, anyway, I make about 35 pb sandwiches each week. I need to run out and buy MORE! LOL

Terry said...

All they need is a run on bread and we are totally set

Lori Beth said...

I do NOT want a PB sandwhich when I come visit!!!