Thursday, March 20, 2008


So I've been a total slacker. I could blame it on Lent - but that would be a lie. Let's just say that with this broken ankle, all the meds I'm taking and trying to somehow run a house and take care of my husband and children, that I've neglected my poor little blog. Ah, well, priorities, right?

I do have so much to blog about, but in order to get myself back in the groove, I'm going to start with a simple "quiz". Beware - this test is addictive. Leave me a comment and let me know what your score is - that is if I have any readers left after this long absence!

64 words



Terry said...

I did 70

Shaun & Anna said...

72, then 76. Finally, 84 with no mistakes!! :) Very fun!

Megan said...

58, I guess I need to practice. I'll be returning everyday to take the test until I break 70!

Lori Beth said...

I suck.. not even posting my number!! And you suck.. I want REAL blogs! I want to see what cute thinsg my nephews are up to, come's like my crack, I need more, you've denied me too long!!!