Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Jack!

We just spent the weekend visiting Chris' family for a big birthday weekend. As my father in law, Larry said, Jack was the only one in the room who could say he doubled his age in the past year - yep, Baby Jack is now 2!We had a great time visiting with the family. The only people missing were John, Becky, Sara & Erin (and missed they were!).

Colin was rather fussy after not having a nap all day and didn't want to be put down or held by anyone other than Mommy...that is until Grandpa came in the door. Colin just reached out to him and that was that.
Colin was also the hit of the party with all of his cousins - here he is being entertained (or is it entertaining?) Alyssa and Meaghan.
Aunt Terry finally got to hold Colin at the end of the night.
Brian just loved putting on his birthday party hat and signing Happy Birthday to Jack!

And let's not forget Chris' favorite image of the evening - Sean prancing around in princess high heels!This is the reason we moved to Florida. To make memories like this.


Ruth said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Jack!!!

Terry said...

We can't wait to do more!

Disney - Jan 12th

and Sean's bday....Thanksgiving and Christmas....

It will be awesome when John and Becky can join us.