Friday, June 22, 2007

Colin Eats!

So I'm about a month late in posting this new and exciting adventure for this little guy. May 20th, Colin had his first experience with "real" food. He's a pro! We started with the old standard, rice cereal, and have moved on through peas, green beans and are working on carrots. He is having a grand time eating like his big brothers, and they are loving "helping" feed Colin!

Hey, is that what I think it is?
Not so sure about this stuff...
Ah, the good life - I'm feeding myself already.
Okay, it was yummy!
How many brothers does it take to feed a baby?
I love my big brother, Sean!


Ruth said...

Too cute!

The Miller Family said...

Colin is getting so big! What a prince.

KristineFranklin said...

Your boys are adorable!!! I hope you get more!

Sharon said...

How cute! That seat looks perfect for feeding time. Is it worth the buy?

Cindy said...

Sharon -
Love, love, love the seat! Totally worth it in my opinion. I take it out on the deck so he can sit out with us, I take it to my parents, and you see how I use it for feeding.