Friday, May 18, 2007

Just poke me in the eyeball with a sharp object, please!

Okay, so my dad has a retirement party coming up and I need to find a dress. Sounds simple enough, right? I'll just load up the boys into the car around lunch time, throw some healthy and nutritious chicken and french fries at them, and head off to the store. The food will ensure that they're not cranky, right? I also had a nice talk with Brian and Sean before we headed into the store about how Mommy needs to get a pretty dress, and how we need to be quiet and stay right with Mommy the whole time. Everything was going to be fine.

We got out of the car and my "big boys" held hands as we crossed through the parking lot - great, they're listening right out of the shoot. This is going to be easy!

Oh, what a naive woman I am. As soon as we hit the inside of the store it was like an amusement park for Sean - he ran straight towards a rack of clothes - woo hoo let's ride the clothes rack ride! I managed to reign him back in by asking him to help me look for a dress. That lasted for about 2 minutes. Brian was doing a pretty good job of "helping" me, but I could see him itching to run free. I finally managed to grab a couple of dresses, and herded my crew back to the really large (thank goodness) dressing rooms. Oh boy, a whole new place to explore - the tri-fold mirror makes a really loud noise as the sides are slammed either against the wall, or the center section of the mirror in case anyone was wondering. Sean also took this time to begin to try and poke Colin's eyes out. He even asked, "Mommy, may I please poke eyes?" I guess the manners lessons have taken!

At this point I decide that I need to find something else to try on - wasn't so sure I like the dress I took in originally. I asked Brian to stay in the dressing room with Colin and took Sean (didn't want Colin losing an eye now, did I?) with me to find another outfit. "Mommy, big boys are good at taking care of broviyers (translation: brothers)." I am often told, and Brian did an excellent job of playing with his trains while watching Colin. Sean, on the other hand was running to and fro, hiding in the clothes racks, running back to the dressing room and screaming with delight. Now, Brian opens the door to see what the fun is all about. "Go back in there and keep the door closed" I advised Brian.

Finally, with my nerves being shot, I grabbed the first dress I tried on and tried to corral these three crazy men (Colin is crying now because it's nap time) to pay for my purchase, 'cause I'll be darned if I'm going to leave this store with nothing in hand at this point! So picture if you will, screaming baby in car seat, toddler and pre-schooler hopping like frogs around the store, mommy losing her mind. I finally convinced Brian and Sean to lay down on the floor and rest - yes, I know how dirty that floor might be, but it was my best option at the time! That lasted for all of about 3 minutes, then it was off to the races. Boys running back towards the dressing rooms, laughing and having a good ol' time, baby screaming, line NOT moving, and me, just too mentally wiped out to do much more than think about how this will make a great post on my blog.

In case you were wondering, here's the dress I ended up with.
Hubby thought I looked good in it so I guess it was all worth it, but let's just say it will be a LONG time before I try that experience again!

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Anonymous said...

ok...i rarely have time to read blogs but this entry made me laugh so hard I just had to comment. I can just picture your trip!!!
I also went into dressing rooms with just 2/3 kids took hannah for me...instead of the running (we still had the mirror crashing even at 11 and 8 yrs old) I got the play by, step into the 360 degree vision mirror...or when I asked for help with a zipper, all the moans and groans and the this is really hard to do comments (ok the zipper was stuck on a thread)
well, i didnt end up with a dress ( we have a cruise for rich's job in a few weeks) but did get a few basics that werent denim for once...thanks for the story...btw the dress is really nice...hope you have a good time