Wednesday, May 02, 2007

5 Months Old

Five months ago today, Colin Andrew was born into this world. He came over 4 weeks early - he just really wanted to meet his family, and darn if he wasn't tired of fighting off that HUGE kidney stone in there! The downside of his early arrival was what he had to go through his first day of life outside the womb. Colin was whisked away out of the OR and taken directly to the NICU where he was intubated, and put on all kinds of machines to help his breathing. Chris wasn't even allowed to see him for a few hours until they had gotten him stabilized. And because of my high blood pressure, I was placed on a magnesium drip IV and not allowed to get out of bed for 24 hours after Colin's birth. Now, if you can't put two and two together, I'll spell it out - Mommy confined to bed, baby in NICU means Mommy doesn't get to see/hold/kiss/touch baby until he's over 24 hours old. I knew it was for my health, but that was the LONGEST 24 hours of my life. Chris took a picture of our little man in the NICU and I just looked at it and cried. Colin looked so little and helpless with all of those tubes, and I couldn't be there with him. He didn't even know where his mommy was. All I did was pray, and pray that afternoon. Our dear friends Mike and Elizabeth came to the hospital to see me. Elizabeth sat with me, brought me some spiced tea, and just made me feel better. Later, as I was praying a rosary and asking John Paul II for his intercession to help my baby get well, Mike came in the room with Chris. I remember coming out of a dream like state of prayer and seeing Mike sit down. What stays with me about his visit is the very first thing he said to me. He told me that Colin is absolutely beautiful. His words made such an impact on me, and I just knew that my boy was going to be alright.

After only 8 hours on the respirator, Colin was able to breathe on his own. I have no doubt that John Paul II interceded on his behalf. I don't know if it counts as a "true" miracle or not, but Colin did not suffer ANY withdrawal symptoms from all of the Vicodin I had to take during the last trimester of my pregnancy. The doctors and nurses in the NICU were absolutely amazed that Colin was able to be released to go home with me. One nurse told me specifically that if I had asked her if he would be released in just a few days, she would have said there would be no way. God truly is good.

5 months later, we have a beautiful, smiley, laughing baby. Colin never ceases to amaze and amuse us. He loves blowing bubbles, and really has found his voice - he loves to "talk" to his brothers, laugh at them, and roll all over the place. You've come a long way, baby boy, and we have loved every minute of it!




Amy said...

He's beautiful!! Happy 5 month birthday!

Ruth said...

I'd consider that a miracle. What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations!!!

Sharon said...

Happy 5 month b-day, Colin! What a beautiful baby.
I haven't read all your posts, but you had kidney stones while pregnant? I had my baby almost 3 weeks ago, and I dealt w/ stones this pregnancy. NO FUN! My sympathy to you. I was in the hospital for 5 days in Feb. for it. It was so hard-not just form being pregnant, but it was the longest I was away from my 3 year old, too.
I hope you are doing better!