Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Has it really been 2 years already?

2 years ago we were on death watch. Waiting for the inevitable - Pope John Paul II to go home to the Lord.

This is the only pope that I remember in my lifetime. I know there were other popes, but from the time I can remember, John Paul II was the man in charge here on earth.

I don't know why, but I distinctly remember having a conversation with my dad about the election of a new pope. I remember when the white smoke showed up. It's one of those memories from my youth that is emblazoned in my mind.

2 years ago, I was also mourning the death of my great aunt Jane - my dad's aunt. She was such a wonderful woman, and she ended up dying about a month before our beloved Papa. I know she was there in heaven waiting for his arrival.

And now, 2 years after Jane and John Paul II's deaths, my beloved Gramma McDonald has joined them in heaven. She was a good and faithful servant here in this life, and I know that she is reunited with my Grampa, and my little brother Brian. And I know that Papa welcomed her home as well.

Brian was so good at the wake - he wanted to come up with me to the casket and say a Hail Mary for "Gigi". He told me that Gigi is in heaven with Mary and Jesus. Yes, Brian, Gigi has gone home and Jesus and Mary welcomed her with open arms.

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