Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Cradle

Many years ago, my great-great grandfather, James B. Brennan built a cradle for his children to sleep in. I'm not sure that he knew when he built this cradle how special it would become in the lives of his progeny.

The first child to sleep in this cradle was my great grandfather, James Sands Brennan. He was followed by his siblings, Marian, Harold & William.

The second generation of children to sleep in this cradle were: the children of James & Sarah Brennan- Jane, Ruth (my grandmother) and James Brennan; the children of Marian & Harry Hart - Harry, George & James Hart; and the children of William & Elise Brennan - Elise & William Brennan.

The third generation of children to sleep in this cradle were the children of Ruth & Gene McDonald - Gene (my father), Jim, Tom & Jeff McDonald; and the children of James & Janet Brennan - James, Joseph, Joanne, Jeff & John Brennan.

The fourth generation of children to sleep in this cradle were: the children of Gene & Diana McDonald - Cindy (that's me!), Michael, Lori, Kellie & Brian McDonald; the children of Jim & Diane McDonald - Julie McDonald; the children of Tom & Kathy McDonald - Angela, Patricia & Michelle McDonald; and the children of Jeff & Robin McDonald - Amanda & Megan McDonald.

Which brings us to the present and the fifth generation of children to have slept in the cradle: the children of Cindy & Chris Kelly - Brian, Sean, Colin & Ian Kelly; the children of Michael & Jennifer McDonald - Dylan & Allison McDonald; the child of Lori & Lou Roselli - Kelsey Roselli; and the child of David & Daniella McDonald - Rachel McDonald.

I thought I would share pictures of myself and my children all sleeping in the cradle. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family tradition with which to share with my children. I hope one day they feel the same sense of awe that I do every time I lay one of the down for the first time in this cradle.

Cindy Anne - 22nd baby

Brian Lawrence - 33rd baby

Sean Eugene - 35th baby

Colin Andrew - 37th baby

Ian Benjamin - 40th baby

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely cradle and tradition! Congats Cindy --your new little baby boy is beautiful!