Thursday, November 13, 2008

Be Creative and Win

My sister Lori is starting a new business endeavor selling these fabulous diaper clutches and wipes cases that she sews.

Her problem: she doesn't know what to name her new business. So she is offering the opportunity for a lucky person to help her name her business and win a free diaper clutch to boot!

Now when I tell you these diaper clutches are great, I'm not kidding. I can fit the wipes case (either my coordinating one, or a disposable pack, plus at least 4 size 5 diapers, some diaper rash ointment and even a disposable changing pad. I can pack this up, throw it in my purse, and I don't have to: 1) drag a diaper bag along, 2) rummage through my purse to find the diapers and wipes and 3) Chris doesn't mind taking Colin into the bathroom to change him if he only has to carry this in with him.
Even if you don't have the need personally for a diaper case, you will probably need to get a gift for a new mom at some point. This is such a wonderful gift. Please consider helping my sister come up with a name for her store. Thanks!


Erik Burckart said...

Chris is okay if he only has to carry something small thats pink and flowery? Personally, I tend to only be comfortable if I have something masculine :-)

Unfortunately, nearly every name for "Mom style" is taken. So, its tough...

Lori Beth said...

Thanks're the best!