Thursday, March 01, 2007

2 Down, 10 to Go

2 months down, 10 more to go. As we enter March here's my update on how I am did in February

1. 14 week house cleaning plan - Rocking and rolling on this one. I didn't actually do the kitchen in one week - it's a process, but I cleaned out all of the bottom cabinets and cleaned out the drawers, as well as went through the rest of the pantry. I have SOO many boxes and bag of items to give to charity. The group that we tend to donate to most often is The Lupus Foundation. I don't personally know anyone with lupus, but they come to my house, and they take pretty much anything you can think of to donate.

2. Keep home running with weekly chore list - Doing better on this one. Still haven't made it a permanent habit, but definitely getting better. The hardest part is getting the vacuuming done - since it scares Sean when it runs. Although Brian has made a breakthrough and would rather help me vacuum than sit on the couch with fear in his eyes.

3. 36 x 36 - Still only trying to eat until I get full. The problem I'm running into is that since I gave up full sugar drinks for Lent, my body is craving it in other ways - ie. chocolate. I really have to be aware of this habit.

4. Read bible daily - I get an A+ on this one. Still cruising through my daily readings. I have a feeling I'm going to slip up a bit in March due to a trip we are taking.

5. Go to confession once per month - Woo Hoo!!! After 1947 days, I went to confession! I think I scared my pastor a bit when I said, "Bless me father, for I have sinned, it's been 1947 days since my last confession". He actually asked me how I figured that out. I said, well, I have time in the middle of the night. He asked me if I have ADD, and I said no, a newborn! I feel so good having finally taken the plunge and gotten back in that confessional.

6. Celebrate the liturgical year with my kids - I did buy CHC's A Year With God from Elizabeth. However, the only saint day we celebrated this month was St. Valentine's Day. Next month should be better with St. Patrick, St. Joseph, and the Annunciation.

7. Exercise 30 minutes/day 3 days/week - DOH! This one has been a failure. Got to get with the program. I've found that I can't sleep at night, so I'm totally exhausted come morning, and then am cleaning my house during the boys' nap time. Excuses, excuses, I know.

8. Play with my kids - We're still having fun together. Reading lots of books, playing cars on the floor. I'm enjoying this resolution.

9. Get SU! business back on track - The church auction didn't seem to pan out as far as generating more business. I'm actually going to take this one in a different direction. I've realized that I just don't have the time or energy to devote right now to making calls and trying to drum up parties. And I certainly don't have the time to be away from my family at night. I am going to concentrate more on getting my card making business going.

I've definitely done better in February than I did in January. I feel pretty pleased at my growth thus far.

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Terry said...

Cindy, I had a problem with the sugar thing when I started with my personal trainer last year. I will email you with a few suggestions on how I got past it.